GPS Tracking for Car Dealers

Published: 19th March 2010
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"Buy Here, Pay Here" car lots often sell vehicles to people who do not qualify for financing through commercial banks. This can be a life saver for someone in need of a car without the best credit record. There are those cases where it can turn into a nightmare for the lot owner. Sometimes there are good reasons behind banks not financing individuals. To help the "Buy Here, Pay Here" dealer continue to assist people who don't qualify for conventional financing while still protecting themselves from "Non-Payers", TrakNet designed the TN-610 Dealer Trak.

The TN-610 Dealer Trak has a simple 3-Wire connection making it a snap to install or uninstall. Nothing permanent is done to the vehicle the unit is placed in. This GPS vehicle tracking unit simply gives the dealer a means of insuring monthly payments. The tracking system features a starter disable circuit. This circuit allows the dealer to immobilize the vehicle for non-payment. If the vehicle is on when the dealer implements this feature nothing will happen. The vehicle will not come to a dangerously sudden halt. The feature works by cutting power to the starter relay. Once the vehicle is in the off position the customer will no longer be able to start their vehicle. If repossession is necessary the dealer can immobilize the vehicle and locate it easily.

The TN-610 allows the dealer to manually track a vehicle whenever necessary. A lot of car dealers allow employees to borrow vehicles from the lot. TrakNet offers active Geo-Fencing to set boundaries for the vehicle. If an employee is borrowing a vehicle and is not supposed to run up the miles, set the Geo-Fence to a certain geographical area and be alerted via email or text message the moment the boundaries are breached. A speed threshold can also be set to make sure the vehicle isn't being driven too fast.

Some people may mistake the use of this unit as distrust when in fact it is more an insurance policy. When financing an individual that would otherwise be denied it is comforting to know you have the ability to retrieve the vehicle if necessary. Letting the customer know up front that the unit is in the vehicle and will be removed upon full payment is advisable. This insures the unit will not be removed or damaged by the customer. It may also help lessen the feeling of distrust on the part of the customer. The TN-610 Dealer Trak is a great investment for any "Buy Here, Pay Here" dealer. Security and peace-of-mind are yours when this GPS unit is installed.

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